Laminated Woven Bags Manufacturers

Laminated Woven Bags Manufacturers

Silvassa Woven Sacks offers high-quality laminated woven bags (BOPP bags) with better rip and puncture resistance, lending the bag more protection to transport and store your items securely.

Our laminated woven bags are the ideal combination of beauty and function, as they guarantee ‘breathing’ room in packed products whilst having vibrant colours to elevate the product’s aesthetic appeal. We recognize that a specific product requires specific storage conditions. As a result, the bags can also be laminated for moisture-proof packaging. Laminated woven bags are ideal for packing rice, sugar, flour, spices, fertilisers, and other items. We supply them in large quantities at fair pricing

Technical Specifications for Laminated Woven Bags:

  • Width, Length and Elongation: Customized as per customer preferences
  • 4×4 to 16×16 mesh
  • 400 Denier to 2000 Denier and above
  • Weight: 30 GSM and up to 140 GSM
  • 12 micron to 50 micron and higher lamination (10 GSM to 48 GSM)
  • UV stability: Between 200 TO 1600 HOURS (if required)
  • We can match your strength in both the warp and weft directions.
  • Cutting styles include heat cutting, cold cutting, and zig-zag cutting.
  • Single- or double-fold stitching. We take care of the stitch counts and bottom seam strength as needed with single or double thread.
  • Flexo printing in up to three colours on one or both sides, with or without corona treatment (Manual and Auto Printing), is also available.
  • Packaging: Bale press packaging and palletized packing is available depending on the product requisite

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