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Our Vision

Trust is our mantra in everything we do! At Silvassa Woven Sacks Private Limited we strive to be the new generation of global leaders and solution providers for FIBC supply chain. A sincere partner committed to share our unique and diverse resources to contribute to our customer’s growth and set new benchmarks towards a sustainable and brighter future!

Our Mission

We are committed to support our customers in their growth journey with unmatched product quality at reasonable prices. Through persistent innovation and extraordinary customer service we strive to be a dependable partner in the changing industrial landscape and deliver a little more than our customer expectations.


Pushing our own boundaries by focusing on incremental progress and forward-thinking, we challenge notions to foster innovations.


In our operations, we are transparent and upfront. Since we believe - building trust builds better business and collaborative success. 


In our community and industry, we make a positive and enduring impact. When we work dedicatedly, stay focused, and help businesses solve their packaging concerns, we believe anything is possible.


At Silvassa Woven Sacks Private Limited, we are packing smiles for the people and success for the businesses for more than a decade. Since the year 2011, Silvassa woven sacks Pvt. Ltd. has been weaving not just a wide range of industrial packaging products but also the goals and objectives of multiple industries across the nation and internationally.What started out as a small family business in 1982 has evolved into a global conglomerate that provides a wide range of services.

Silvassa Woven Sacks Private Limited manufactures a comprehensive range of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) Bulk Bags, small sacks, container liner and customizes them to meet the storage and transportation requirements of consumers across industries.

Our meticulously constructed jumbo bags are the vital solution for packaging products of different industries that involves solid bulk materials to be stored, packed and transported. They hold the capacity to carry bulky products and survive harsh weather conditions, in addition to their space and cost-saving benefits.

From the rice and sugar that are consumed by the masses to the construction materials and granular fertilizers which are mass-produced by a range of brands – Silvassa woven sacks Pvt. Ltd works as a reliable partner when it comes to keeping consumer and industrial products safe, protected, and in fine fettle throughout their life cycle.

At Our Facility, Experience Meets Innovation.

We have built an unparalleled symphony of man, machine, and manufacturing processes by running industry-leading operations around the clock. To ensure that every FIBC product is robust and durable, we adopt the best manufacturing techniques that adhere to worldwide standards and maintain strict quality control.

At Silvassa woven sacks Pvt. Ltd., our cutting-edge production method is backed by technologically advanced equipment, allowing us to produce a diverse range of products. Our capable management team with years of knowledge and skills manages the entire manufacturing unit. Product quality combined with market-friendly policies and customer service has aided us in acquiring trust and establishing a well-organized business network spanning many regions. We are able to deliver products that are outstanding in technical criteria and have minimal flaws due to stringent quality tests.

Our woven polypropylene bags are used in the agricultural, construction, chemical, and consumer goods industries to package dry materials as well as chemicals. Depending on the product, they are available in a multitude of shapes, sizes, capacities, and specifications.


We are leaving a lasting impression on our clientele worldwide by providing them with high-quality products and services. Every day, we endeavour to touch lives for the better.


We undertake a variety of operations while leveraging our know-how and keeping customer overheads low. The workforce at our state-of-the-art plants is dedicated to honing their capabilities in order to meet our clients’ requirements. Our Silvassa and Sanjan factories cover approximately 20000 square meters and hold a remarkable capacity of 1550 MTs/month.


With turn-key, certified packaging solutions that augment our clients’ supply chains, we help meet all of their production needs, allowing them to focus on what they do the best – their business.


Silvassa woven sacks Pvt. Ltd. specializes in a variety of dense Polypropylene products, including PP Woven Fabric (Laminated / Unlaminated), PP Woven Sacks, FIBC jumbo bags of all kinds, PP twisted thread, webbing loops, filler cord, braided ropes, document pouch zip locks, ventilated bags, panel bags, cement bags, Liners for Containers, Asbestos bags for disposal purpose and much more. 


Industries in the space of fertilizers, sugar, flour, grains, animal feeds, seeds, cement, food, ice, charcoal, salt, chemical, and rice, among others, are the testimony of our achievements and morals.

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