LDPE Liner

LDPE Liner

Liners can be inserted loosely or attached to the bag as well. There are different types of liners for different

Form Fit liners

Tubular Liners

Conductive Liners(L1 liner)

For electrostatic applications, these liners are vital for safely transporting materials susceptible to static

Type L1 Liner- Conductive film & polypropylene

TypeL2 Liner – Polyethylene film & Permanent Anti-static film

TypeL3 liner – Polyethylene film

Tubular Liner:

Gusseted/ Tubular-Style liners are an economical way of preventing contamination and product loss. Liners can also come tabbed which allow you to attach them to the bags.

Form Fit Liner

Form-fit liners are custom-made to fit snugly to the interior of a bulk container. In doing so firmer structure to the bag and greatly improve filling capacity and the ability to move product in and out of the bag.

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