FIBC Bags Type C

FIBC Bags Type C

FIBC Bags Type C, commonly known as Conductive FIBC. These are made of thin conductive threads – making them suitable for carrying dry, combustible powders securely. FIBC Bags Type C bulk bags are constructed of non-conductive fabric with conductive strands intertwined.

  • Also known as Conductive FIBC.
  • Safe to use for transporting dry, flammable powders.
  • With a max. leakage resistance of 108 Ω to the grounding point.
  • Grounding is compulsory during filling & discharging, a label or sign is indicated.
  • Safe for use when no flammable solvents or vapors present around the operation area.
  • Breakdown voltage less than 6kV.
  • Designed for use safely in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Made from fine conductive threads & equip a conductive mesh.



What are FIBC Bags Type C?

FIBC Bags Type C are conductive bulk bags with grounding capabilities, designed to safely dissipate static electricity during filling and discharging processes.

Why FIBC type C is expensive?

FIBC Bags Type C are expensive due to the additional cost of incorporating conductive materials and grounding features to ensure safe static electricity dissipation.

Which is better FIBC Type B or FIBC Type-C?

The choice between FIBC Bags Type B and Type C depends on the specific needs and requirements. Type B is suitable for transporting flammable powders, while Type C is ideal for applications requiring safe static electricity dissipation.

How fast can I get my FIBC Bag Type C delivered?

That depends on several different factors such as availability and region. Contact us if you would like to know more about delivery details.

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