MIPL, insist on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of its business and expects the same in its relationship with all business partners/suppliers. MIPL opposes corrupt practises (bribery/extortion) and strictly respects applicable national legislation as the minimum standard in every country in which it operates.

Dealing with suppliers
A supplier in which a relative of MIPL, employees holds an influential position e.g. directorQship or full/partial ownership is strictly prohibited from engaging in the business with MIPL.

Business gifts
As a matter of principles, gifts are not to be offered to any MIPL personnel. This principles is included any form of entertainment offered that could be interpreted as seeking or receiving a bribe, kickback ire questionable payment. The only expectations are the customary gifts of symbolic/token value given on religious, festive or other occasions provided that there is no expectations of favourable treatment in return. Such token gifts will be refused if considered too generous.

Conflict of interest
It is strictly prohibited to offer MIPL personnel the business activities and financial interests which could conflict or appear to conflict with their commitment to their jobs. They may include: Offer business/position to MIPL, employee over their relatives, Offer share of supplier’s business, Offer consultant services, Offer privileged relationship, Offer Allowance, fee, cash payment etc. Generally these type of situations are must be avoided.

Hospitality is an expected curtsey of a business relationship provided. It is done in a modest way. MIPL personnel will not allow themselves to reach a position where he/she might be deemed by other to have been influenced in making a business decision as the consequence of accepting such hospitality. As the result of MIPL has the right to stop business from supplier who does not adhere with mentioned business conduct: Acknowledged that suppliers/ employees fully had read and agreed to adhere the above

Non-compete/Non compliance
It is strictly prohibited to disclose any documents /IT/photos/videos to the 3rd party directly or indirectly without management approval or share any data related to company.