PP Woven Bags Manufacturers

PP Woven Bags Manufacturers

PP Woven Bags (polypropylene bags) are known for their strength and durability since they are made by interweaving polypropylene tapes in two directions. They are robust, breathable, low-cost bags that are perfect for packing agricultural items such as grains, legumes, seeds, and sugar, as well as products such as fodder, sand, cement, metal components, and so on.

Being an ISO-certified PP woven bags manufacturer, supplier, and exporter; we are driven to supply only the top flight PP woven bags to help maintain the integrity of your goods by preventing contamination from external sources and minimizing humidity release or uptake.


We also offer small PP woven Sacks based on our customers’ specifications, which are among the most cost-effective packaging options for industries such as cement, fertilizer, sugar, chemicals, food grains, and so on.


  • Capacity of bags in the range of 25 Kg to 150 Kg
  • Fabric weights range from 60 to 105 gsm
  • Denier ratings vary from 650 to 1100
  • The mesh sizes range from 8×8 to 13×13
  • Various sizes and colours are available.
  • Personalized solution for particular client requirements
  • Waterproofing and dust retention lamination
  • PE liners are used to preserve and confine delicate materials.
  • Printing up to 6 colors
  • Available in roll forms for customer finishing

Laminated Woven Bags:

Silvassa Woven Sacks offers high-quality laminated woven bags (BOPP bags) with better rip and puncture resistance, lending the bag more protection to transport and store your items securely.


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Un-Laminated PP Woven Sack:

We manufacture PP woven sacks for various industries such as Fertiliser, Chemical, Food Grain, Sugar, Coal, Animal Feed, etc.


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PP Woven Sack with PE Liner:

PP woven sacks with Liner and Lamination help to avoid contamination from foreign particles, avoid leakage and moisture. Small sacks are used for storing the material ranging between 5 Kg to 50 Kg.


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