UN Accreditation is a testing certification performed by an independent testing centre that puts the specified bulk bag to a series of stringent testing, including drop, topple, and top lift tests. UN-approved FIBC bags are intended to meet the United Nations Recommendations for the storage and transportation of hazardous Goods.
Well-known laboratories test and certify UN-approved FIBCs to fulfil the standards of packaging category II and III products.

For explosive materials, there are four varieties of FIBCs manufactured of woven polypropylene:

  1.  13H1 – PP woven FIBCs, without coating.
  2.  13H2 – PP woven FIBCs, coated.
  3.  13H3 – PP woven FIBCs, with liner, without coating.
  4.  13H4 – PP woven FIBCs, with liner and coating

Our UN Certified Bags go through rigorous testing procedures:

(I) Top lift testing
(II) Vibrant testing
(III) Stack testing
(IV) Drop testing
(V) Righting testing
(V) Topple testing
(VI) Vibrant testing
(VII) Tear testing

  • Explosive Material used to fill in the UN Bags (SF is always 6:1).Customer may ask for IIP (Indian Institute of Packaging) certification for UN bags.
  • UN Certification is a testing certification done by an independent testing facility that put the specified bulk bag through a set of rigorous test, i.e. drop test, topple test, and top lift test. UN certified FIBC bags are designed to comply with the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of dangerous Goods. Which included 4 types of FIBC as follow:-
    1. 13H1 – PP woven FIBCs, without coating.
    2. 13H2 – PP woven FIBCs, coated.
    3. 13H3 – PP woven FIBCs, with liner, without coating
    4. 13H4 – PP woven FIBCs, with liner and coating
  • UN certified FIBCs are tested and certified by well known laboratory to meet the requirements of packaging category II and III materials.
  • All the UN certified FIBC must have UN code printed on it.

Note: There is no safety factor 6:1 for UN bags. This term is unknown in the UN regulations. UN bags are not classified by safety factors. They are classified by packing groups I, II or III. The safety factor 6:1 refers to FIBCs for non-dangerous goods only.

Categories of UN bags

Degree of Danger Packing Group UN-Symbol  
High I X
Medium II Y


What is a FIBC UN Bag?

FIBC UN Bag is a bulk bag that meets the United Nations (UN) standards for hazardous materials, ensuring safe transportation of dangerous goods.

Should your business use UN certified bulk bags?

If your business deals with hazardous materials, using UN certified bulk bags is crucial to ensure compliance and safe transportation.

What is UN approved packaging?

UN approved packaging refers to containers, such as drums or bulk bags, that meet specific United Nations standards for the safe transportation of hazardous materials.

How fast can I get my FIBC UN Bags delivered?

That depends on several different factors such as availability and region. Contact us if you would like to know more about delivery details.

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