We, at MUNDRA INVESTMENTS PVT. LTD. are committed that we must comply the following with respect to
our child labour’s policy:

  • Employment of “Child Labour” is prohibited as per rules of our MIPL, in other words there is no
    employment to any child. As per company policy of employment person below 18 years of age is not
    eligible for any employment even if there is any vacancy. Candidate has to produce necessary
    document of age proof during personal interview and if found age below 18 years he/she must be
    disqualify for any appointment in establishment as per policy of company.
  • Responsibility: HR Manager
  • Frequency: Every Five year for policy review.


MIPL, insist on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of its business and expects the same in its
relationship with all business partners/suppliers. MIPL opposes corrupt practises (bribery/extortion) and
strictly respects applicable national legislation as the minimum standard in every country in which it operates.

Dealing with suppliers

A supplier in which a relative of MIPL, employees holds an influential position e.g. directorship or full/partial
ownership is strictly prohibited from engaging in the business with MIPL.

Business gifts

As a matter of principles, gifts are not to be offered to any MIPL personnel. This principles is included any form
of entertainment offered that could be interpreted as seeking or receiving a bribe, kickback ire questionable
payment. The only expectations are the customary gifts of symbolic/token value given on religious, festive or
other occasions provided that there is no expectations of favourable treatment in return. Such token gifts will
be refused if considered too generous.

Conflict of interest

It is strictly prohibited to offer MIPL personnel the business activities and financial interests which could
conflict or appear to conflict with their commitment to their jobs. They may include: Offer business/position to
MIPL, employee over their relatives, Offer share of supplier’s business, Offer consultant services, Offer
privileged relationship, Offer Allowance, fee, cash payment etc. Generally these type of situations are must be


Hospitality is an expected curtsey of a business relationship provided. It is done in a modest way. MIPL
personnel will not allow themselves to reach a position where he/she might be deemed by other to have been
influenced in making a business decision as the consequence of accepting such hospitality.
As the result of MIPL has the right to stop business from supplier who does not adhere with mentioned
business conduct: Acknowledged that suppliers/ employees fully had read and agreed to adhere the above

Non-compete/Non compliance

It is strictly prohibited to disclose any documents /IT/photos/videos to the 3rd party directly or indirectly
without management approval or share any data related to company.


MUNDRA INVESTMENTS PVT. LTD. will strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of health, safety and
environmental performance & environment protection through global implementation of HS&E management

  • We will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards of the countries in which we
    operate and the principles of the Responsible Care and initiate the Business Charter for
    Sustainable Development.
  • Our stewardship of HS&E matters will be such that the communities in which we operate
    consider MIPL to be a good neighbour. We are sensitive, responsive and honest in our relations
    with these communities.
  • Regulatory authorities are provided with relevant information to assist them in taking well
    founded health, safety and environmental decisions.
  • Our customers are provided with appropriate advice on safe handling, storage, use and disposal
    of our products.
  • We educate, train and motivate our employee’s and require their active participation in
    maintaining and improving our health, safety and environmental standards.
  • The safety and environmental impact of our existing activities are periodically assessed to
    identify opportunities for improvement of performance.
  • Committed to comply, the EHS objectives in cooperation consultation and participation with
    workers, management will actively involve the employees in all matters that are relating to
    maintain of QEHS and the requirement of any relevant legislation.
  • All new processes, products and activities are similarly evaluated at each stage of their
    development with the aim of improving their health, safety and environmental characteristics.
  • All incidents, whether injury or damage occurs or not, will be thoroughly investigated to identify
    root causes and prevent recurrence. All deficiencies will be corrected within an appropriate
  • The health, safety and environmental performance of our contractors will be managed to
    standards equivalent to our own. HS&E performance is taken into account when selecting
    contractors and suppliers.


“We endeavour to become the leading lndian company for sustainable business practices across global operations”

our vision for sustainability that is rooted and is driven by a strong sense of purpose to lead
sustainable business practices globally. To realise this vision, SWSPL is committed to run its
operations in a way that we grow business while conserving natural resources, minimizing our
carbon and water footprint, increasing our positive impact on communities, and making a
meaningful impact for our patrons.
SWSPL is committed to driving sustainability across the value chain of its operations. To achieve
this, we focus on carbon emissions, energy reduction, water management, waste management,
biodiversity management, resource management, community relationship managemen!
occupational health and safety, human rights management, employee wetl-being and product
development. lnnovation and technology play a key role in driving our efforts in these areas. With
this objective, our R&D Centre provides comprehensive technical and analytical support to the
business and pioneers in developing sustainable business results.
Below are few of our efforts to leave a healthier planet for our future generations, in partnership
with our employees, customers, suppliers, government and society.

  1. Avoid operational activities in close proximity to world Heritage areas
  2. Avoid operating in critical habitats and ecologically sensitive areas
  3. lnstallation of Solar Panels for energy efficiency
  4. . Raise awareness & provide training to encourage efficient use of energy resources, with a
    focus on reducing the energy intensely and carbon footprint in our operation
  5. Promote research and development for cleaner and efficient technotogies to support the
    adoption of low carbon solutions


SWSPL constantly strive to raise our standards of governance by adopting policies that clearly
define our business approach.
We have robust policies on Board Diversity, Tax Policy, Whistle-blower policy, Sustainability,
Supply Chain, Safety, Environment, CSR, and Human Rights. These policies undergo regular review
and are updated as per current standards. Such a process reaffirrns our commitment to further
accelerate our sustainability journey in these critical areas and hdlps us maintain the highest
standards of governance.
Safe Operations: Health and safety of its workforce is a core value of SWSPL. Safety is at the
centre of everything we do – from the daily routines in our plant.
Sustainable Supply Chain: Our efforts are concentrated on ensurihg that our supply chain keeps
evolving into a more responsible and sustainable one. We value our network of suppliers and
contractors who carry out their operations in alignment with our vision on Sustainability.
SWSPL’s Supply Chain and Procurement Policy helps build a supply chain that sustains business
and is resilient with regard to risks.
Human Rights: SWSPL has developed a due diligence process to proactively identifu and assess
potential impacts and risks relating to abuse of human rights.

  1. Risk identification at our own operations
  2. Risk identification in our own value chain or other activities related to our business
  3. Risk identification in new business relations whether it be some new ventures, merger or acquisitions
  4. A systematic periodic review of the risk mapping of potential issues observed
  5. . Periodic review by top management and yearly review of the risk register


We understand our responsibility towards environmental sustainability, and are committed to
minimizing our impact on the environment. our Corporate Environment policy lays out our
commitment to measure and reduce the environmental impact of our operations. 9s% of our
manufacturing units are certified to ISO 14001.
Our Environment strategy focuses on four key areas:
climate change (carbon emissions): Reduced lead distance for procurement of raw materiats
through local suppliers at various units
We contribute to the climate actions by integrating low carbon strategy and scaling up
investments in the development of innovative products and services, improving energy efficiency,
increasing the share of renewable energy and by switching to alternative materials
Energy Management: Energy efficiency is part of an integrated energy (& resource) solution
including self-generation, demand response etc. Good energy management is one aspect of good
management. Energy management is the means to controlling and reducing a building’s energy
consumption, which enables owners and operators to: Reduce costs – energy represents 2s% of
all operating costs. we have various case studies are kept for the future implementations
water Management: swSPL has set up the sewage treatment plant to improve quality of
wastewater for recycle. srP removes contaminants, micro-organisms and other types of pollutants from wastewater influent. The main objective of iewage treatment is to produce
an effluent (treated waste water) and a solid wasie/-sludge suitable for discharge into the natural environment.
Rainwater Harvesting is the collection and storage of rainwater that would otherwise flow down gutters into the drain. with the help of rain harvesting the water is coltected from the roof, then
re-used within the plant and for gardening. This can provide substantial savings on water bills, as well as making your plant more sustainable.
swsPL has flow meters to assess the total water quantity required by the plant & office space
also keep regular monitoring in place

Circular economy (waste/Resource Management): circular economy is a concept that goes
beyond just recycling. lt is a restorative and regenerative process where very few resources are
used in the first place and they are up cycled or down cycled untitthe complete value is derived
from them. Once the value is derived, the material is used for other purposes. Only when the
material fully degrades, it is recycled into another form