PP Woven Sacks Manufacturers

polypropylene sacks

Throughout the years, PP Woven Sacks have demonstrated their greatness in the packaging unit of several enterprises. Such sacks are known to be the toughest packaging bags, high in demand in the industries of sugar, grains, milling, and food. 

We feel pleasure to introduce ourselves as an ISO certified PP bag manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, which are used as packaging materials in different industries. Our PP Woven Sacks are flexible, high in strength and durable in the packaging industry.

These bags are an excellent solution to pack 30-50 KG of dry material. These bags are manufactured from polypropylene woven fabric which has superior strength and is less prone to punctures. These bags may come in laminated woven bags or non-laminated versions, depending on the material requirement.

PP Woven small bags are used to package a wide variety of materials like animal feed, cement, ceramics, talk, seeds, and sands, etc.


45 GSM – 205 GSM


25 Cm-220 Cm







3-3, 1-5, 2-4 SIDES

Some additional benefits to use woven polypropylene bags include:

  • The used PP yarns used are more robust than regular PE plastic

  • PP Bags are resistant to wear & tear of the weather and do not degrade in the wet state

  • Resistant to tearing even with rough handling

  • Can easily be re-used repeatedly

  • PP Woven bags are a stronger option over multi-wallpaper bags


What is the full form of PP bags?

The term PP bag refers to polypropylene bags, Each has a specific use based on their characteristics. With a huge variety to choose from, these bags are available in woven and non-woven forms.

What PP woven bags are used for?

A number of different uses for PP Woven Bags / Polypropylene Sacks can be found in various industries, including temporary tents, travel bags, cement bags, potato bags, onion bags, salt bags, flour bags, rice bags, etc. and its fabric i.e. Woven Fabrics, which are available in different shapes and sizes, are used in textiles, food packaging, chemicals, bag manufacturing, etc.

What is GSM in PP Bags?

GSM stands for Gram per Square Meter. Through GSM one can measure the weight of fabric in Gram per One Square Meter.

How fast can I get my PP woven bags delivered?

That depends on several different factors such as availability and region. Contact us if you would like to know more about delivery details.